Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Black Sea Challenge Cup Ends With 4-2 Loss for Genclik Spor Club

Georgia National Team scored an open net goal in the last seconds of the game to win 4-2.  Genclik Spor Club won the Black Sea Challenge Cup with a record of 8 wins, 6 losses and 2 ties in the series.   The line of SeFa TaKa, Kadir Inan and Sefa Kavaz played another great game. The Junior players where plus two in the match.

Goals:                                Assist:                                      Assist:
Sefa Kavaz                     Kadir Inan                                SeFa TaKar
Kadir Inan                      Sefa Kavaz                               Emre Faner

"It been a great 16 game series against Georgia. Their team has finished strong and we wish them the best in  the World Championship Division III Qualification Tournament. Their coaches and players have done a great job over the last 18 days, " said Keith McAdams, coach for GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB. "We started this program in 2011, I think the Black Sea Program has been a great experience for both organizations. We have enjoyed working together with Georgia National Team, GIHF and Ice Knights Hockey Club . I believe the Black Sea Project has been a success for both countries.  We have some of the best young players in Turkey now. The Black Sea project has allowed us to develop those young players in Erzurum.  Genclik Spor Club has only had hockey for three years. Georgia started to rebuild their programs three years ago. It make sense for us to continue to work together."

Alparslan Bakanoğlu 19 years old was named Best Player in Tourney for Genclik Spor Club.

Sefa Kavaz 15 Years Old Has 10  Goals 6 Assists in Tourney.

Kadir Inan 17 years old had 3 and 15 Assists 
in Tourney.

SeFa TaKa 15 years old had 2 goals and 10 assists 
in Tourney.

Fatih Emin Faner  15 years old Defender had 2 goals and 4 Assists in the Tourney.

Huseyin Seçer 15 years old Defender had 3 goals and 4 Assists in the Tourney.

Tolga Bayburtlu has had a great tournament.

Muhammet Karagül continues to make steady progress over the past two seasons.

2011 Black Sea Cup Results


ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR SENIOR CLUB played 5 games in four days. The senior team won all 5 games. ERZURUM GENÇLİK won all four games against Georgian 6-0, 10-4, 2-1, and 10-6.   In a Super League match ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR beat ISTANBUL 15-2.

In the Black Sea Cup U14 Tournament Ankara opened up the Black Sea Cup with a 2-1 over Erzurum. Ankara club finished in first place in the qualifing round with a record of 4-0, Erzurum finished second place. In the Championship match Erzurm won the game 3-2 to win the Black Sea Cup.

I think the Black Sea Cup Tourney was a big success, "Said McAdams", We had good crowds for senior and youth games. I believe the future of the Black Sea League is good. The experience was great for GENÇLİK SPOR senior players, we were able to play some of our younger players. It was a great experience for Ankara, Koceli, Istanbul and Erzurum to play international games.

Both the Georgian Senior Club and U14 team played well. "Said Erzurum Coach Keith McAdams", We received very positive feedback from the fans, U14 teams of Ankara, Erzurum, Istanbul and Koceli.

Qualifiying Round Scores for Erzurum:
Ankara - Erzurum 2-1 Loss
Erzurum - Koceli 8-0 Win
Erzurum - Istanbul 10-0 Win
Georgian - Erzurum 8-2 Win

Qinulis Raindebi U14 (Ice Knights)
Kocaeli 3:3 Georgia
Ankara 4:2 Georgia
Istanbul 0:1 Georgia - shoot out
Erzurum 8:2 Georgia

Championship Game:
Erzurum - Ankara 3-2 Win

Erzurum - Gold Medal
Ankara - Silver
Istanbul - Bronze