Monday, January 13, 2014

Turkey Slips By Bulgaria with a 3-2 Win

December 12, 2014 By B.C. Ryan

Emre Faner - Best Player Award

Ismir, Turkey, - The Turkish team just slipped by the younger, less experience club of Bulgaria with a 3-2 Win. Turkey had a slight advantage in the game out shooting Bulgaria 23-21. The Turkish Club had the better and more experience players, but could only manage 23 shots on goal in the game. 

The Bulgaria team opened up the scoring at the 15:41 mark of the first period. The goal was scored by Maksim Eftimov, assisted by Tomislav Georgiev and Veselin Dikov. 

Turkey score two goals in the second period to go up on the scoreboard 2-1. The first goal was scored on a power play at the 26:27 point of the period. Ogun Uzunali scored the goal on a nice play set up by Gokalp Solak and Emre Faner. Alihan Demirer scored for Turkey at 35:39 mark in the period assisted by Emre Faner and Gokalp Solak. 

Turkey scored a power play 37 seconds into the third period. The goal was scored by Batuhan Akay and assisted by Gokalp Solak. The Bulgaria club could not mount an attack, it looked like Turkey would go on to an easy win. But the Turkish team lacked discipline. At the 47:21 mark of the 3rd period, four players for Turkey and Bulgaria received game misconducts. The Turkish team got caught up in the moment of the game and forgot to play smart. Turkey had 83 penalty minutes in the third period which let Bulgaria back in the game.

Dimitar Videnov scored and unassisted Power play goal for at 55:21 of the third period. Turkey looked rattled and struggled the last four minutes of the game. 

Emre Faner, Genclic Sport Club defender was named number one player of the game for Turkey. Genclic Sport Club has nine players on the roster for U20 Turkish National Team. Eleven players on Turkish club played for GSK Coach Keith McAdams on the U18 Level.

Play By Play Report

Third period

55:212 - 3 PP1BUL4. GENKOV AtanasUnassisted
54:002 minTUR11. FANER FatihTripping
51:162 minTUR23. UZUNALI OgunCross-Checking
48:4120 minBUL3. IVANOV BogdanGame Misconduct Penalty
48:415 minBUL3. IVANOV BogdanRoughing
47:2120 minTUR18. SOLAK GokalpGame Misconduct Penalty
47:215 minTUR18. SOLAK GokalpRoughing / start serving at 49:21
47:2120 minTUR22. KAMIS DorukGame Misconduct Penalty
47:215 minTUR22. KAMIS DorukRoughing
47:2120 minTUR8. DEMIRER AlihanGame Misconduct Penalty
47:215 minTUR8. DEMIRER AlihanRoughing
47:2120 minBUL14. BOTSEV ValentinGame Misconduct Penalty
47:215 minBUL14. BOTSEV ValentinRoughing
47:2120 minBUL9. VASILEV AleksandarGame Misconduct Penalty
47:215 minBUL9. VASILEV AleksandarRoughing / start serving at 49:21
47:212 minTUR18. SOLAK GokalpRoughing
47:212 minBUL9. VASILEV AleksandarSlashing
47:2120 minBUL11. GEORGIEV TomislavGame Misconduct Penalty
47:215 minBUL11. GEORGIEV TomislavRoughing
47:2110 minBUL13. TALEV MartinMisconduct
45:152 minTUR7. SECER HuseyinKneeing
41:562 minBUL8. EFTIMOV MaksimInterference
40:371 - 3 PP1TUR9. AKAY Batuhan
(18. SOLAK Gokalp)

Second period
39:122 minBUL9. VASILEV AleksandarSlashing
36:122 minTUR8. DEMIRER AlihanSlashing
35:391 - 2 EQTUR8. DEMIRER Alihan
(4. FANER Emre)
(18. SOLAK Gokalp)
29:012 minTUR11. FANER FatihSlashing
26:271 - 1 PP1TUR23. UZUNALI Ogun
(18. SOLAK Gokalp)
(4. FANER Emre)
24:532 minBUL6. VIDENOV VasilTripping

First period
17:522 minTUR10. TAKAR SefaSlashing
15:041 - 0 EQBUL8. EFTIMOV Maksim
(11. GEORGIEV Tomislav)
(17. DIKOV Veselin)
02:232 minTUR18. SOLAK GokalpTripping
01:422 minBUL3. IVANOV BogdanHooking
00:00GK inTUR20. AKIN Berk
00:00GK inBUL1. VIDENOV Dimitar