Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gençlikspor, Set To Defend 2011-12 National Championship in Ismit

June 10, 2013
By B.C. Ryan

2012-13 Regional Champs

GENÇLİK SPOR U14 leave Thursday for Ismit to participate in National Championship Tournament. Last year GENÇLİK SPOR U14 won the Gold Medal. The 2011-12 team won the silver medal. In three years at the helm of Gençlikspor Keith McAdams Club has only lost one game. That loss occurred in the National championship final game against BOĞAZİÇİ of Istanbul. The score of that game was 3-2 and considered to be one of the best games in Yildiz history. All but three players are gone from those teams. That being said we still expect to win," Said Keith McAdams Head Coach . "This years the team has won the Group Championship. This is still only the third year of hockey got GSK. We still can not seem to overcome the problems with equipment, ice time and finding games. This year our club is inexperienced, but trained hard. Our goal every year is to win the U14 National Champions of Turkey."

Turkey 2012-13 Yildz Schedule for National Championship: 

June 15, 2013  20:00   ERZ. GSK. v.  İZMİR B.B
June 16, 2013  11:30   İST.  KAP.  v. ERZ. GSK
June 18, 2013  15:00  BUZ KORS. v.  ERZM. GSK

Semi Finals
June 19 2013 16:00 GRETSKY-  1 JAGR-2 YILDIZLAR
June 19 2013 18:00   JAGR-1 GRETSKY-2

13:00 59 M 60 M YILDIZLAR
15:00 59 G 60 G