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Sunday March 8, 2012
ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB had a tough weekend. It started with Yusif Kar breaking his ankle on Friday. Yusif has been one of the best defenders in Turkey at U14 and U18. It followed with a 16 hour bus trip to Izmit. When the team arrived the hotel rooms were delayed. The team played against Ankara University without much rest. GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB U18 team managed to play a great game against Ankara University winning the match 10-1.
On Sunday KOCAELİ B.B. KAĞIT SK beat ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB 1-0 in a tough match. The ice at Ismit was very bad, it was covered with water throughout the match. The ice favored the older and bigger KOCAELİ B.B. KAĞIT SPOR CLUB. ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB is young and small club that prides it style on passing the puck. ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB struggled to make passes on the wet ice. In the last 15 seconds of play Kadir Inanc went on a breakaway. The KOCAELİ player clearly throws his stick on the play and Kadir losses the puck. IIHF rules call for a penalty shot to be awarded, but the official only called a two minute penalty.

ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB U18 won the Regional Championship and has 14-1 overall record.  ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB U18 have a  1-1 record in the Turkish National Championship Round Robin Playoff.   In two weeks ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB plays two games at home against the clubs from Istanbul.

BOĞAZİÇİ PATEN SK12 Mayıs 2012 Cumartesi 13:30ERZURUM

BUZ KORSANLARI SK13 Mayıs 2012 Pazar14:30ERZURUM

"I was was disappointed with the loss to KOCAELİ B.B. KAĞIT SK "said Keith McAdams Head Coach of ERZURUM GENÇLİK SPOR CLUB. "We did not play our best game. We worked hard but had a tough time playing on the wet ice." When asked about the refereeing during the match, McAdams said, "The officials did a great job, I question the last play of the game. I think a penalty shot should have been awarded."
Fatih Faner who is 15 years old and Abdullah Avcı 14 years old established themselves as the two best young defense in Turkey.

Tolga Bayburtlu is clearly distinguished himself has the best U18 goalie with a 1.0 GAA.

Coaching Tips:

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